August 8th, 2019 JHL Solitaire Hotel Gading Serpong celebrated its first anniversary. The event was held at Sky Ballroom JHL Soliatire Hotel Gading Serpong on the 15th floor. The event start at 6:00 pm to finish with the theme Culture of Indonesia. The dress code for this event is batik and kebaya. In addition, each employee also wore traditional costume from each region.

The event begins with registration, then guests are escorted by the receptionist to their respective tables that have been determined. After that, the program began with Ratoh Jaroe dance (dance from Aceh), remarks, cutting cakes and cones, maumere dance performances by the all Managers from each department, followed by Tor Tor dance performance (Dance from Sumatera), dinner accompany by blindspot band, and announcement of the winners of each category followed by giving out the placards.

This event was running well and going smoothly. Of course, this event was attended by the founder of JHL Solitaire Gading Serpong Hotel, Mr. Jerry Hermawan Lo and also family. The invitations were from corporate, travel agent, online travel, and also media who has been giving the best support to JHL Solitaire Gading Serpong within this one year. Through this event with the theme “Culture of Indonesia” we sincerely hope that Indonesian citizens can better understand, understand, and love Indonesian Culture.

We Care to Share CSR Program
JHL Solitaire Gading Serpong, a D Varee Collection Goes To 1st Anniversary

In order to celebrating Indonesia’s Independence Day and JHL Solitaire Gading Serpong 1st Anniversary, JHL Soliatire Hotel Gading Serpong visit to Kamvinet. (Head of Veterans Administration Office) on Wednesday, 7 August 2019 located on Jl. Ahmad Yani, Sukasih, Kec. Tangerang, Kota Tangerang, Banten 15111, Indonesia. JHL Solitaire Gading serpong team visit to the location at 07.00 WIB. This event was start from 08.00 WIB – 11.00 WIB. This activity is the first CSR activity organized by JHL Solitaire Gading Serpong.

The event was enlivened by teams from JHL Solitaire and also veterans. The CSR program start with opening speech by Director of Finance JHL Solitaire and Veterans Team then continued with a session of experience sharing by veterans, song guessing game, ended with appreciation to veteran by giving the placard, a group photo and also a lunch session together. “This is the first time hotel that was held CSR events with veterans, we were very happy because JHL Solitaire Gading Serpong could hold CSR activities with veterans and care about veterans in Indonesia especially Tangerang,” said one representative of the veterans.

The event went on smoothly and cheerfully. Through this event we hope that we can entertain veterans and share happiness with all of them and be able to make Indonesian youth to care more about veterans in Indonesia.

JHL Solitaire Gading Serpong, a D Varee Collection
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