In supporting the government’s solar rooftop program, Grand Hyatt Jakarta is making important strides with Plaza Indonesia Realty Tbk and Xurya in decreasing its carbon footprint with the installation of solar photovoltaic panels on its helipad.

Led by Xurya, 45 photovoltaic panels were fitted to the helipad. The installation allows the hotel to be more environmentally friendly. It is set to generate 589 GWh of electricity, enables to offset 177,463.89 liters of gasoline off the road as well as reduce the carbon footprints by 438 ton of CO2 over 30 years. During daytime, the solar panels can produce enough energy to power 20 guestrooms daily.

“Energy consumption in the hotel sector is high. The solar panels will therefore help reduce operational expenses, save annual electricity costs and promote sustainability. This is an important initial step towards generating clean, renewable solar energy and I am very proud that Grand Hyatt Jakarta is the first hotel in Indonesia that has acted on this commitment to environmental stewardship,” said Peter Stettler, General Manager of Grand Hyatt Jakarta and Area Vice-President of Indonesia.

Other sustainable strategies that Grand Hyatt Jakarta has adopted include:
 Implementing energy efficiency measures such as switching to efficient lightbulbs, or LEDs.
 Installing motion sensor lights in several areas of the hotel ensuring eco-friendly practices to
conserve energy
 Encouraging reuse of towels and recycling water, and turning off lights before leaving rooms
or facilities.
 Phasing out single-use plastic and replacing them to viable eco-friendly options

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