Gelora Bung Karno Sports Complex (GBK) not only functions as a sports facility, but also as a venue for social, cultural, political and recreational activities. Starting this month, it will even serve as a new green space for the city of Jakarta. During a recent renovation, GBK expanded its green land – namely Hutan Kota GBK – covering an area of more than 45,000 m2. Hutan Kota GBK is an open green space that plays an important environmental role as the lungs of Jakarta.

“GBK Management has a duty to preserve, maintain, and improve the quality of the function and role of the region in contributing oxygen for the city of Jakarta,” said GBK’s Managing Director.

On 17 May, Plataran Indonesia joined GBK Management in planting trees in Hutan Kota GBK. At the event, the Board of Directors from both organizations planted a total of 17 trees. The number was chosen for its cultural significance; 17 is the date of Indonesia’s Independence Day in August. It is expected that the trees planted in this ceremony will help reduce carbon monoxide levels generated by the city’s motorized vehicles.

GBK and Plataran Indonesia plan to plant additional trees together in the future. Yozua Makes is the CEO of Plataran Indonesia, and he hopes that Hutan Kota will deliver the concept of “Light of Nusantara” to the wider Indonesian population and a global audience, so that the city can be enjoyed by all. He intends to achieve this ambition by promoting aspects of Indonesia’s unique appeal such as nature, culture and cuisine; all adding up to the glory of Indonesia.

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