Dietary supplements are an affordable and effective way to ensure that you and your loved ones are getting the daily recommended dose of essential vitamins, minerals and other important nutrients necessary to obtain optimal health. In Indonesia, these dietary supplements come in the form of jamu, traditional herbal medicine that uses pure, unprocessed natural herbs obtained from the country’s prosperous flora and fauna. 

While Indonesian’s have been producing jamu for over five millenniums and selling it at various drug stores, it is difficult to differentiate those that are genuine, chemical-free and 100% natural. Here to change that notion is G Herbal, which produces dietary supplements – in capsule forms rather than the commonly used sachets – to improve the overall wellbeing of men and women across the nation and beyond using its all-natural formula.

“While studying at Bogor Agricultural University for five years, I realized that the market for dietary supplements in Indonesia is very small as most of them are imported. So I kept working on various formulas and samples using Indonesia’s rich resources until I found the correct blends,” said Philip Goossens, CEO, and Founder of PT G Herbal.

Using a combination of only fresh, indigenous and 100% natural ingredients selected from specific farms from across the archipelago such as ginger, turmeric, green tea, Javanese tamarind and noni, to name a few, G Herbal offers five different kinds of supplements: G 1708 Body to increase the stamina and immune system, G 1708 Skin to treat skin conditions and maintain a healthy glow, G 1708 Weight to aid in body shaping and treatment of gastrointestinal conditions, G 1708 Bliss to improve mental health and G 1708 Woman to improve a woman’s overall health and elevate PMS symptoms.

“Many women in the West resort to consuming chemically-based medicines including antibiotics and antidepressants to treat their PMS symptoms. G Herbal is a brilliant solution to treat these symptoms using 100% natural herbs from Indonesia, which has no side effects,” said Goossens.

Another unique and patriotic fact about G Herbal is that all of their products have a label with the number “1708” on it, which signifies the nation’s Independence Day on 17th August. “ I purposely labeled all of my products with those numbers because I want the world to always remember Indonesia’s Independence Day,” said Swiss-born Goossens, who has called Indonesia home for over a decade.

You could find G Herbal products in certain stores including Alun-Alun at Grand Indonesia Mall and online shops such as Lazada, Shopee, and Tokopedia.

By: Divyha Pridhnani-Bhojwani

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