TeSaTe (Pacific Place)

A Flavourful Journey Through Indonesia

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Over the years, Indonesian food has attracted attention from both the culinary industry as well as from Indonesian Society. Local food is no longer perceived as an underdog, when compared to other cuisines. In the hands of skillful chefs, food experts and visionary entrepreneurs, Indonesian food today has become a delightful treat to be savored with respect.

TeSaTe is known as the venue of choice for those seeking an inviting experience of the richness of Indonesia’s culinary diversity. Offering a wide selection of traditional dishes, TeSaTe’s selection depicts the unique characteristics of Indonesia cuisine.

TeSaTe’s menu features authentic Indonesian flavors presented through modern interpretations of dishes that are appealing i both taste and sight. TeSaTe offers signature menu such as Sate Ayam Madura, juicy chicken pieces of duck coated with sprinkle of toasted fresh coconut and grilled to perfection. Sate Kambing, is succulent diced lamb, marinated in sweet soya with sambal kecap while Sate Sapi Makassar is an exotic combination of aromatic beef with mouth-watering, intensely sour starfruit sauce and Sate Lilit, consists of crab or duck meat, minced with spices and herbs and wrapped in lemon grass.

Opening hours: 10.30am - 10.00pm


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