La Moda welcomes the only Indian Chef Amninder Sandhu from Netflix’s latest cooking show, The Final Table, from 11th – 14th September 2019. Born to North Indian, Sikh family and raised amidst the lush green of North East India, Chef Amninder Sandhu currently works as the Executive Chef at Arth, Mumbai and is ready to take the global foodscape.

Chef Amninder has a love that is akin to devotion for food. Her passion for food encompasses all she does and has gone on to win her the Best Lady Chef Award in 2016 from the Ministry of Tourism. In 2019, she led Arth, the first gas-free restaurant in India embracing ethnic Indian methods of slow cooking over wood fire and charcoal as head chef, to win Restaurant of the Year at World on A Plate. She also won the award for Chef of the Year at Times Food Awards 2019.

Naga Mushroom Gilawat

Her goal is to revive traditional methods of cooking and bring back local ingredients on the table. Ensuring that every dish is prepared using the conventional approach, either wood charcoal. She has an ardent love of long-forgotten recipes passed down from generation to generation. Traditional Indian food has long been touted as the best to enjoy at home and yet she retains its comfort value and imbues it with the panache. It requires to transform into a full gastronomy experience for her guest. “Traditional methods of cooking, like chullah, copper lagans, earthen chattis or tandoors, lend unique flavors to the dishes,” she explains.

Mama’s Mutton Curry

Food enthusiast is invited to discover the exquisite flavors of India featuring The Classic Chicken Butter and Naan, The Final Table exclusive cuisine Paneer Kofta that consist of Paneer, Mama’s Chef’s legendary mutton curry, Naga Mushroom Gilawat, Arth Ice Cream Sandwich, and many more. On the preview event, we also tried the crunchy and fresh Tokri Chaat and Rasmalai Tres Leches dessert. Guest can savor the exclusive set menu starting from IDR 588,000++ per person. This event is supported by IndoIndians, Sababay Winery, and Luis Felipe Edwards.

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