Best Local Organic Beauty Products You Can Get in Jakarta

We love the increasing option of locally-crafted quality beauty products that we can get in Indonesia. Here, we list some of our favorites that you can get just a phone or a click away.

6 Custom Cake Bakeries in Jakarta

Custom Cake Bakeries in Jakarta? Beautiful cakes should not only be reserved for weddings. There should be a reason to

Where to Buy Alcohol in Jakarta?

Where to buy alcohol in Jakarta? To get booze in Jakarta requires a little bit more effort than usual; not

8 Online Groceries in Jakarta

As the traffic grows thicker, more Jakartans have resorted to online services to save time. From clothes, food, computers, to groceries. This

7 Art Galleries Around Kemang

Need a good dosage of art in your life or maybe you just want to decorate your home? These are

Where to Buy Stylish Jewelry in Jakarta

Looking for something to effortlessly upgrading your look? Wearing jewelry accessory might be the wisest decision we can make. Especially,
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