Food & Drink

Your ultimate food and drink guide in Jakarta. Featuring where are the best dine and drink places you can go.

14 Best Cocktail Bars in Jakarta

Take a break from a hustling day and enjoy your favorite smashing cocktail at these best cocktail bars in Jakarta.

Where to Celebrate Easter in Jakarta

Easter is just around the corner. Have you figured out how to celebrate it? If you're planning to celebrate Easter in Jakarta, you're in the right track.
Gourmet Desserts in Jakarta

4 Best Gourmet Desserts in Jakarta

They say you first eat with your eyes, then with your mouth. So there is nothing more gratifying than being

9 Best Dessert Places in Jakarta

The lookout for the best dessert is always fun, as a new place always brings us new sweet memories. Ice cream, chocolate, éclair, bubble tea; find them all in our list of Best Dessert Place in Jakarta.
Speakeasy Bar Jakarta

Best Speakeasy Bars in Jakarta

These bars are not exactly secret to Jakarta’s bar-hoppers but are definitely inspired by the prohibition era and finesse. Nevertheless,
10 Recommended Pizza Places in Jakarta

10 Best Pizza Places in Jakarta

Either for an authentic Italian, New Yorker-style, to some fusions, Jakarta offers you places to enjoy slices of pizza. We
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