Last November,, Indonesia’s bestie craft beer supplier, and Beergembira, the voice of Indonesia’s beer-loving community – joined forces to announce the very first national brewing competition in the history of Indonesia. The Brewing Project invites any Indonesian citizen of legal age to brew an original Indonesian beer style with at least one Indonesian ingredient and to have their beer judged by a panel of professional beer judges from around the region. The winning brewer will be flown to a world-famous brewery outside Indonesia to brew 10,000 liters of the winning beer. will then bring that beer back to Indonesia and will throw big parties in Jakarta and Bali with Beergembira to celebrate releasing the beer into national distribution. From there, it’s all up to history. It’s a quest for Indonesia to claim its first original craft beer style and to discover its first celebrity brewer.

The internationally-sanctioned beer competition will take place behind closed doors at a top-secret location on February 2. The competition will be followed by a public reception for the brewers at Queenshead Kemang on Saturday, February 2. The event will feature:
• Freeflow craft beer from Beervana from 6:00-8: 00 PM
• A public tasting of all beer submitted for the competition and a chance to meet the
brewers and talk about their submissions
• The announcement of the competition winner and unveiling of the host brewery

What’s the Point of the Brewing Project?

For the next 20 years, Asia will lead the world in beer consumption and growth, but Asia has yet to make its mark in beer innovation. Asian brewers have largely imitated western beer styles, from old-world beers like German, Czech, and Belgian beers, to the mass industrial lagers that flood the region, to the cutting edge modern craft beer styles coming out of the U.S. and New Zealand. Can you name any original beer style that originated in Asia? (Didn’t think so.)

Why can’t the world’s next great beer styles come from Asia? Why not from Indonesia?

The biggest limitation is people’s thinking: people never thought of it, people don’t know it’s possible or even legal to brew great beer, people don’t imagine that someday European, American and other brewers will be copying innovations that are happening right now in basements and garages across Indonesia. The Brewing Project is about flipping the script – to give people the flash realization that it IS possible, it IS legal, that they too can be a brewer and that they have a chance to change the beer world.

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