6 Places to Get Your Eco-Friendly Products in Jakarta

You can also contribute to this movement by getting the reusable products or other eco-friendly products in these outlets.

Plastic waste has been a big concern here in Indonesia for years. Rivers, even beaches, are clogged by a giant stack of plastic waste. This condition then emerges some eco-friendly people to run an eco-conscious movement. They are suggesting the citizens of this country to stop throwing the plastic waste into the river or beach. As well as start using eco-friendly products or reducing the use of plastic. You can also contribute to this movement by getting the reusable products or other eco-friendly products in these outlets.

1. Avani Eco

Established in 2014, as a Bali-based social enterprise, Avani aimed to help rehabilitate the island by offering 100% sustainable disposable packaging solutions and compostable plastic alternatives to hospitality & retail industries. As the company has evolved, they have transformed themselves to become a one-stop-shop solution for eco-friendly needs not only in Bali, but also National and International market. Thus, hoping to reduce the accumulated plastics from human activities anywhere around the world through the notion of REPLACE. Avani provides ranging from bag, cup, straw, cutlery, box, to poncho. Head to its official Instagram account to get the catalog.

Where to purchase:
Head Office
Jl. Cargo Permai No 188 Br. Liligundi, Ubung Kaja Denpasar Utara 80116 Ph: +62 361 906 5555
Jakarta Office
Bellezza Shopping Arcade 3rd Floor – #350, Jl. Letnan Jend. Soepeno No. 34 Kebayoran Lama – Jakarta Selatan 12210 Ph: +62 21 3048 5599

2. Evoware

Evoware is a socially responsible enterprise that elevates an environmentally friendly lifestyle and provides innovative value to urban society. Through its products, people evolve to be closer to nature and live a more responsible and sustainable life. Evoware’s products are eco-friendly, biodegradable, and even edible. The products use seaweed as its raw material, such as food wrap, coffee sachet, soap packaging, and more. Head to its official Instagram account for the product’s images and Evoware’s other eco-movements.

Where to purchase:
WhatsApp: +628118692424
Email: [email protected]

3. Zero Waste

Zero Waste is the first platform in Indonesia in regards to sustainability lifestyle. Giving tips and selling eco-friendly products. This platform might as well pioneered the use of stainless steel straw and cutlery in the country. Here, not only you can get the “it” straw, but also toothbrush to menstruation pads. Head to the official Instagram account now!

Where to purchase: 

4. Osem

Based in Jakarta, Osem is a sustainable fashion brand which only uses the natural color that is produced from Indigofera Tinctoria plant. The brand’s products also use only natural fibers, such as cotton, linen, hemp, etc. As well as designed with the zero-waste or less-waste planning. Osem collaborates with other labels to recycle the fabric waste. In addition to minimize the waste, Osem is not using zippers and buttons made from plastic.

Where to purchase:
Email: [email protected]

5. Haku

The Jakarta-based shoe brand contributes to the eco-friendly lifestyle by producing vegan shoes. The main concept is basically cruelty-free shoes which made of vegan suede, vegan leather, or other substitute leather. Haku also uses Ultrasuede fabric which made of pre-consumer waste. Reuse the vinyl to minimalize the nonbiodegradable products being waste in the soil. Haku was born to create shoes that fit women’s lives with ease and reflects their personal feminine identities.

Where to purchase:
LINE: @haku_id (with @)
Email: [email protected]

6. Saruga

Saruga is the first zero-waste bulk store in Jakarta. The place sells various local products by letting its customers bring their own reusable container. Other than encouraging the citizen to get used to using a reusable container, Saruga will also come with its own eco-friendly product. The first one we look forward to is its Bamboo Straw. Designed by Iwan Sung, the straw is waterproof and disposable.

Jl. Taman Bintaro #1, Sektor 1, Bintaro, Pesanggrahan
P: (+6221) 29272888
IG: sarugapackfreestore


OWELLNESS is an original Indonesian brand that was created to answer society’s needs for health and a healthy lifestyle. All OWELLNESS products are made of natural ingredients, non-synthetic, packed in environmental-friendly packaging with effective household waste management. The shop sells therapeutic oil in a form of balm, spray, diffuser, and more with high-grade essential oil.

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