Indonesia, including Jakarta, is experiencing a major transitional season when it will be scorching hot in the day and heavy rain in evening or night. Keeping your body fit is important during this period as the transitional season often causes health issues. We would like to share five simple ways for you to stay fit during this time. So that you can start the year 2019 with a healthy body.

1. Improving your immune system

The easiest way to do this is eating raw vegetables and fruits which have various vitamins and minerals. As well as anti-oxidant to keep the body healthy. We also recommend you to choose more fruits that contain lots of vitamin C, such as kiwi, and the organic ones. Check our list of the best organic food and product delivery in Jakarta for a more convenient way to get your raw veggies and fruits.

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2. Exercise regularly, minimum 30 minutes a day

The unpredictable changing weather usually discourages us to exercise. But, it is still a crucial way to keep your body fit during the transitional season. Thankfully, Jakarta has plenty of health center, ranging from yoga, indoor cycling, boot camp, CrossFit, or pilates classes. All equipped with a notable and fun trainer to make your exercise more exciting. You can also take a light exercise from jogging to running at these jogging tracks in Jakarta.

3. Healthy intakes

Choosing your food intakes is necessary to keep your body fit during transitional season. A healthy meal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner is a must. If you’re too busy to make your own healthy meal, Jakarta offers many services to do it. Check our list for healthy catering services in Jakarta or simply go to these vegetarian restaurants in the city.  Don’t forget to also drink water!

4. Wash your hands

This might seem simple, but still often forgotten or even ignored. During the transitional season, bacterias and viruses are easily spread. If we’re not keeping our body clean, it easy for the virus to sneak into our body. Washing your hands is the basic way to do to prevent that.

5. Always bring a sweater and umbrella

Even though it’s hot and warm on daytime, the weather can suddenly change to heavy rain and windy. As well as the temperature drops on the nighttime. For you who move all day every day, prepare yourself with sweater and umbrella to protect your body from sudden heavy rain or windy weather.

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