Choosing a smart and healthy lifestyle during your pregnancy is a must to directly impact the health of your growing baby. And by doing the healthy lifestyle during your prenatal period doesn’t have to overhaul your existing schedule. On the other hand, it’s only a simple adjustment to your physical and mental health which can improve your chance of having a healthy pregnancy. Here are 5 ways to have a healthy pregnancy lifestyle!

 1. Gentle exercise

You can start with doing some moderate exercise moves or power walk in the middle of your daily activities. This will boost your mood, improve your sleep, have less back pain, and reduce risk of pregnancy and delivery complications. You can also take heavier exercises, such as hike on easy trail or prenatal yoga at our recommended yoga homes.

2. Drink mineral water

This is of course very essential and it would be better if you drink more water on your daily basis during prenatal period. Your blood volume actually increases up to 50% during that period, because your blood is supplying oxygen and essential nutrients to your baby. That’s why you need to drink more water to support that gain. Drinking water can also help prevent headaches, swelling, and any other uncomfortable symptoms. Try adding lemon or other fruit juice into the water to give a refreshing taste.

3. Prefer high nutrient foods or diet

This is important, so your baby will have an early healthy start on life. You can eat fresh fruits and vegetables as key part of a balanced diet. But, it is recommended as well to eat foods with low in sugar, high in protein, and complex carbohydrates for wealthy weight gain. If you’re too busy to make your high nutrient foods or diet, you can order from our recommended healthy catering servicesin Jakarta. Don’t forget to eat healthy snacks as well.

4. Relaxing your body

It’s common to have stress during your prenatal period and you need to release it through massaging and spa. This is a way to prevent unwanted effects to your baby. Prenatal massage and spa also helps woman preparing her childbirth to be more comfortable. It reduces the anxiety, stress, and tiredness of carrying a baby. There are so many good places in Jakarta to get a prenatal massage or spa, like the one Raffles Spa, Martha Tilaar Salon and Day Spa, or Mom N Jo spa.

5. Don’t forget the prenatal vitamins

This is a necessary way for making sure your baby has a healthy growth. It also good for you to prevent any unwanted sickness or bad symptoms during the pregnancy. Vitamins like folic acid, Vitamin D and iodine are the best vitamins for pregnancy.

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