11. Emilie $$$

Another favourite for fine french cuisine, Emilie offers an artful blend of moderns yet classically inspired french cuisine. They value simplicity and attention to detail. Their menu are update seasonally to highlight the season’s best ingredients and the chef’s expertise in creating elegant and flavorful dishes. Tucked in a chic establishment in Senopati, Emilie is the place to go for a pleasant night to remember.

Jl. Senopati 39, Kebayoran Baru
Phone +62-21-521 3626

12. Rosso, Shangrila $$$

Meaning “red” in Italian, Rosso represents passion, warmth and elegance. The restaurant offers sensational yet authentic Italian cuisine, a combination designed to stimulate the well-known Italian passion for vibrant lifestyle and most importantly, food.

Rosso offers fine northern Italian cuisines and a lounge with wide selections of cocktails, mocktails, and a wine cellar that boasts more than 200 wines featuring mostly Italian, French, and new-world class wines.

Shangrila Hotel
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav.1 Jakarta
Phone: 021-304 8535

13. Akira Back $$$

Located at MD Building’s Penthouse, Akira Back Restaurants boasts a sweeping view of Jakarta’s skyline from its large surrounding windows. This restaurant is centered on cultural merging: mixing flavours and tastes of Korean and Japanese along with a variety of other cuisines in an exotic fashion. The perfect place for an intimate Asian-inspired dinner with your significant other.

MD Place Building, Penthouse Level, Jalan Setiabudi Selatan No. 7
Phone +622129040777

14. Namaaz Dining $$

For a more playful and adventurous selection of fine dining with your significant other; head to Namaaz is the first molecular gastronomy restaurant in Indonesia which serves Indonesian food as its signature dishes. Each night, Tuesday to Saturday, you can experience their set of 17 course creations, which changes every “season” and each season lasts for 6 – 8 months. They only serve 4 tables (8 guests) every night, so privacy and serene ambiance is a guaranteed here. Reserve your seat through their official website only.

Jl. Gunawarman No.42 Kebayoran Baru
Phone 021 – 33061000
E-mail info@namaazdining.com

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