When you’re in Bali, it’s customary that you try the many flavors of food by the locals! Here are our favorite food places in Bali that are not only affordable, but tastes great too, that will make you fall in love even deeper with the island!

1. Naughty Nuris for Best Ribs

A funky streetside food haven, especially for the “naughty but nice.” famous for its absolutely brutal martinis and unbelievably wicked pork ribs. You’ve probably been to their joint in Ubud but Nuri’s has gotten naughtier… in Seminyak!

naughty nuris

Naughty Nuris Seminyak|Jl.  Mertanadi No.62, Kerobokan| Call: +62-361-9347391

2. Warung Eropa for Best Crispy Duck

Located in Seminyak area, this restaurant is quirkily named ‘Warung Eropa’ although it is actually best known for its Crispy Duck, served with sambal matah, rice and vegetables. Definitely a must try!

warung eropa

Warung Eropa| Jl. Jalan Petitenget No. 9D|Seminyak| Call: +62 361 7471771

3. Warung Made for Best Nasi Goreng & Nasi Campur

Made’s warung was established in 1969 and has become a social eating and meeting venue for locals, expats and tourists alike. It has grown from a traditional roadside warung into a cosmopolitan restaurant serving a variety of local and international food in Bali.

warung made

Made’s Warung|Br. Seminyak, Kuta, Bali, Indonesia| Call: +62 361 732130

4. Warung Sulawesi for Best Indonesian ‘Nasi Campur’

Offers popular home cooking of Indonesia, ‘with influences from Sulawesi and some Javanese and Padang as well, in a very affordable price.  To order, choose a type of rice (they usually have yellow turmeric rice, white rice, and red rice), point at your prefered ‘lauk’ or protein and veggies, and order your drink.

warung sulawesi

Warung Sulawesi| Jalan Raya Seminyak No. 2000 X| Call: +62 361 7463052

5. Bakso Gerobak Biru – for Best Bakso (meatballs)

Find the blue bakso food cart in Kuta that’s popular with those looking for good Indonesian bakso, or meatballs that are more chewy than the western meatballs, served in hot savory broth and other condiment. A definite comfort food for lots of Indonesians, wherever they are!

bakso biru

At Double Six Beach, Kuta

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