Bali is  not merely made up by its gorgeous landscape, vibrant culture, and exotic cuisine. The island is also renowned as home to talented artisans who’s passionate about their arts as much as about making the environment better.

Here’s a list of the local makers that you may want to visit when you are in Bali.


With its mission is to become the most responsible and environmentally conscious footwear company in the world, Indosole is committed to deliver high-quality enviro and vegan footwear for travel, adventure and everyday life. Indosole’s signature  vegan-friendly flip flops are fashioned from old tires salvaged from scrap heaps, gutters, and garages across the island. And they look uber cute to accompany you strolling in and around the island!

Find them here: Indosole



With around 1,000 weavers from villages in Flores, Kalimantan, and Papua, Du’Anyam surely position itself as a social enterprise. The store provides wicker homewares that are made with traditional techniques. Go browse over their selection of tote bags, laundry baskets, pouches, and other functional homeware pieces that will make your home a cosy one.

Find them here: Du’Anyam



Other that they are all made from sustainable bamboo, what makes Amygdala’s products stand out is the story of the people who make them. The artists are from Selaawi, West Java, and are former craftspeople of the bamboo bird cages that made the region famous in its heyday. A lack of demand over the last five years force them to find another job until they met Amygdala’s founder, Harry Mawardi. Boasting variation of amp shades, baskets, pots, coasters, and chairs, Amygadala will make you feel like you need to re design your entire home!

Find them here:Amygdala


As an upscale fashion boutique featuring sophisticated wear for men and women, BIASA is a sustainable brand incorporates creative cuts, artisanal details, and natural materials to create their elegant products, from free-flowing oversized shirts, kaftans, dresses to jewelry, footwear, and accessories. Their garments are handmade, hand-stitched and used hand-loomed fabrics. Biasa is based in both Seminyak, Bali and in Kemang, Jakarta.

Found them here: BIASA

Cinta Bumi

Founded in 2015, Cinta Bumi is a brand based in Bali that produces a variety of ethical handmade goods such as bags, homewares, bath and beauty products, as well as craft supplies and toys. A lot of the brand’s products are made of barkcloth, a material created from paper mulberry and ficus tree barks from Central Sulawesi. Cinta Bumi, which means ‘love earth’, employs local artisans who carefully assemble their materials, using efficient cutting techniques and patterns to avoid excessive waste.

Find them here: Cinta Bumi Artisans


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