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Hyatt Resorts Bali Sales and Marketing Annual Appreciation Party

Good evening passengers, please board the Hyatt Resorts Bali aircraft as the party is about to start!

Grand Hyatt Bali and Hyatt Regency Bali invited guests to board their Annual Appreciation Party in November 2018. The theme for the Hyatt Resorts Bali thirteenth year of Annual Appreciation Party was “Now Boarding!”, where invited travel agents, partners, and media can enjoy fantastic live entertainment and good food all night long.

After a warm welcome from Captain Ron Nomura, Director of Sales and Marketing, the evening started with a superb performance inspired by the high life by Sales and Marketing Team. Every associate was dressed as airport crews, from stewardess to aircraft ground handling. It was very exciting for the team to receive such a good feedback from the audience after a months’ worth of dedication and practice. The team was also thrilled to introduce a sneak peek video of Hyatt Regency Bali and the opening team members, set to open on 20 December 2018.

The food and drink stations prepared by the Executive Chef Greg Odolak were never empty of guests. Each station was decorated with airplane windows and themed “Denpasar to…” with each city listed based on the cuisine. The party also had an airline-related video compilation playing on a loop, from Lynx Airline commercial to Mr. Bean’s ‘First Class Flight’ episode. The Hyatt Resorts Bali appreciation party had a mix of fun, frolic, games, and prizes.

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